HR and payroll for January 2021

The future of work and People First

Designed for today's workplaces, People First gives you the tools to connect, engage and manage your people.

A new way of working

Are you looking to enable employees to connect across teams, departments and locations while fostering a culture of openness and collaboration? Want a HR platform that can effortlessly manage and pay your people? People First can do all of that and more.

People First can help you provide a more inspiring workplace - a place that nurtures talent, helps people realise their full potential, enables smarter working, and seamlessly delivers results.

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People First

Put your people first

People First is the UK's most employee-centric HR platform, it puts employee engagement and well-being at the heart of your business processes. It is designed to help you manage, connect and pay your people quickly and easily. It combines all the elements you need from a great HR system, with social technology designed specifically for business, reducing the need for multiple platforms.


PF engagement

The future of HR

Say goodbye to multiple platforms, out-dated technology and manual processes. People First combines the latest technologies to help you and your people work smarter. Our digital assistant brings a new level of user experience to the workplace while simplify HR processes from booking leave to recording time and attendance. While check-ins allow employees and managers to regularly discuss progress, performance, personal development and well-being to help build better, more personal relationships at work.

Everything your business needs for HR and payroll, in one place

People First offers you an effective but engaging way to manage, connect and engage your people, enabling you to attract and grow your people throughout the entire employee lifecycle, while saving you time and money.

It’s great for businesses who are looking for an easier way to manage their HR and payroll and wanting to address the challenge of keeping their company culture alive wherever their people are.

We can help you with:

  • Reducing the amount of time spent on HR administration

  • Keeping your people connected and engaged with your company

  • Improving the employee experience