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Simplify and automate HR and payroll on one platform

Everything HR and payroll in one place

With People First you can meet all the demands of an ever-changing workplace by integrating and streamlining all your HR and payroll processes on one, fully regulatory compliant platform.

By giving you more workforce data visibility, People First enables you to provide targeted, relevant support, creating better experiences for everyone. And by extracting key insights from this data, you can elevate HR into a pivotal strategic business driver.

What you gain:

  • HR becomes a strategic driver, saving time and resource by simplifying and automating manual HR and payroll processes
  • Productivity increases and your people are better connected, wherever they are - in the office, on site, at home, or on the road
  • All your HR and payroll needs are met through a single, easy-to-use, integrated platform

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The single platform that meets all your needs

People First grows with you and allows you to add more modules and gain more capabilities whenever you want. The platform and all its modules are fully regulatory compliant, with automatic updates whenever compliance requirements change. People First eliminates both the risk of financial penalties and the need to allocate in-house resources to maintaining compliance.

Integrate your HR and payroll

The People First HR module delivers a complete database of all your people records in one place, fully integrated with the People First Payroll module to ensure that all employees' details are consistent and that they are paid correctly and on time.

Develop and manage talent

The People First Talent module empowers employees to take ownership of their own career development. While your people can deepen and widen their skills sets through the People First Learning module. With People First you can increase the value of your people, strengthen talent retention, reduce recruitment costs and the risk of skills gaps.

Streamline workforce management

The People First Workforce Management module automates time and attendance tasks, while the People First Recruitment module streamlines costly and time-consuming recruitment processes, enabling HR teams to focus on attracting and onboarding the right talent.

Gain insights with HR analytics

The People First Digital Assistant enables employees to quickly take care of HR tasks such as booking holidays via their mobiles. While People First Analytics mines the rich workforce data to uncover new insights and deliver strategic business recommendations. And People First’s open APIs mean you can integrate your other business systems.

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Are you looking to move your HR and payroll into one place? Do you want to build a more connected, engaged and resilient workforce?

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Choose People First and you can:

  • Simplify and automate time-consuming processes
  • Connect and align a dispersed workforce
  • Empower and nurture valuable talent
  • Improve data visibility and unlock new insights
  • Eliminate inefficiency by consolidating HR infrastructure
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