Housing summit event

National Housing Summit

Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th March

About the event 

The National Housing Summit 2021 will be the most important event in housing this year which MHR are proud sponsors of. 

Be a part of the Summit in March to hear from senior politicians, policy influencers, fellow housing leaders, journalists and experts from other industries like ourselves to shape the sector’s thinking and redefine our priorities.

Join us across four engaging days, where those present will be able to discuss commitment and ambition to not just tackle the challenges we face - but to build a better future for us all.

Why visit us?

  • Visit us on our virtual stand booth to see our products and services in action
  • Our industry experts will be one of the exhibitors, making it easy for you to learn more about iTrent and People First
  • Discover our latest time-saving services, including our Pension Data Service

If you would like any more details on how to book a slot with us please find details below. 


Join us in attending the National Housing Summit.

At the event 

At the Summit they will address:

  • Affordable housings role in driving economic recovery
  • Equality and diversity: how the sector can help to eradicate discrimination and racism in our society
  • Supporting communities as we tackle increasing poverty and improving relationships with our residents.
  • The political environment: how will the challenges of 2020, as well as Brexit, continue to shape Westminster and Whitehall for years to come?
  • Climate change: building a roadmap towards zero carbon.
  • Gazing into a crystal ball: new ways of working, emerging housing needs, urban developments and future cities.

More information:

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