HR and Payroll Software for School, Colleges and MATs

Discover why we are trusted to provide reliable payroll services for 97,000 college employees

Leading HR and payroll software and services for schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts

Simplify HR and payroll processes and save time so that you can focus on giving students the best possible education.

Recruit top talent, ensure legislative compliance, improve data security and support employee wellbeing with a flexible and highly configurable online HR and payroll platform provided by industry experts.

Discover why over 300 establishments in the education sector rely on our HR and payroll software and services to move from a reactive, administration-led organisation to a proactive, data-driven and strategic institute.

Our software and services can help you with:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Maximising your investment ensuring time and cost savings
  • Guaranteeing you comply with legislation
  • Adapting to changing expectations and regulatory pressures
  • Securing your data through a cloud first approach
iTrent education

School, college and MAT education software and services

In a high-pressured industry, where time is limited and nurturing pupils through their education is your priority you need a reliable and trustworthy solution that simplifies HR and payroll processes and puts your teams first.

Inspire learning

Encourage workplace learning and employee development with our engaging learning management system. Ensure everyone is up to date with the latest regulations and that your school, college or trust is compliant now and in future.

Recruit new teachers

Recruit committed new teachers, support staff and build a dedicated team that can unlock student potential. Select diverse talent, deliver a unique onboarding process and provide comprehensive support and training from start to finish.

Simplify complex pay structures

Easily manage teaching and non-teaching employees with varying pay, different pensions and multiple contracts through specialist school’s payroll software and services that can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Improve people management

Streamline HR and payroll processes and stay connected with a busy workforce through centralised employee data. Give your team quick access to payslips, absence, appraisals and training anytime, anywhere.

Access live reports

Real-time reporting for payroll, absence and engagement analysis make it easy for you to provide information to key stakeholders such as Ofsted, governors and trustees, and the local authority.

Support your people

Support your people through their whole employee lifecycle with dedicated HR software that gives you the tools to check in with your workforce. Ensure they feel valued and confident in their ability to work in a high-pressured environment.

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Automate HR and payroll tasks

HR software for schools, colleges and MATs

Our all-in-one HR solution centralises employee data and streamlines routine tasks to support your workforce.

Focus on what matters most, avoid spending hours on time-consuming admin and reduce wasted costs on inefficient processes. Our human resource management software features employee self-service, allowing your people to update their records, access payslips, request holiday or even clock in and out when they’re spread out across multiple sites.

iTrent payroll laptop and mobile

School, college and MAT payroll management software

Whether you are an individual school, college or multi-academy trust we have the payroll solution for you. Providing payroll services to educational institutions of all sizes, our interactive system meets the needs of your employees, reduces errors and makes payroll processing simple and efficient.

Rely on our team of CIPP/iPASS qualified experts to run your payroll on time and with 99.999% accuracy. Working in partnership with you, we can optimise your payroll to make sure you are adding real value to your organisation.

Teacher's Pension

Stress free industry specific pensions

With inbuilt statutory calculations, iTrent can provide reporting to bodies such as Teachers’ Pensions, Local Government Pension Schemes and the Scottish Public Pensions Agency.

We also provide a Pension Data Service, which looks after your data and manipulates it ready to be sent. We can do all the hard work for you while you keep control of the submission, ensuring you never miss a deadline and reporting to statutory bodies is stress free.

Cloud hosted HR payroll data centre

Cloud-enabled HR and payroll software

Our cloud-hosted HR and payroll software means you can store all your employee records and documents in one central secure location. Ensuring you stay on top of compliance and data protection rules as well as reducing admin and repetitive data entry for your HR and payroll teams.

With the education sector suffering from an increased number of cyber-attacks, it is important that schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts have a reliant infrastructure and the technology to protect you against new threats. We can help you reduce the risk to your organisation.

MHR partner with iSAMS

iSAMS and iTrent integration

MHR is committed to providing specialist HR and payroll solutions to schools, colleges and academies. Because of this, we partner with leading education providers, supplying our customers with a fluid and cohesive offering with other industry-leading software. Our latest partnership with iSAMS Management Information System (MIS) delivers an integration that saves HR teams time, significantly improves accuracy and improves expenses, removing the burden of data duplication.