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Learn how to increase your productivity, retention and business resilience

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Adapting your people processes and making the most of automation and specialist technology will help you save time, resources and money. We can help you:

  • Boost your productivity by up to 70%
  • Save up to £300,000 in employee turnover costs
  • Uplift your sales revenue by up to 11%
  • Save over £30,000 a year with outsourced payroll 

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Christmas Retail Guide
People First Goals V1

Increase your employee engagement

Employee engagement is essential in the retail industry for an organisation to run and grow. Unlock your employees potential by providing them with learning and development tools, that will boost their engagement and give them the tools for career development, which has taken on even greater significance recently with employee satisfaction - higher than salary! 

This not only lowers employee turnover but also create a working culture where employees feel value and comfortable suggesting new ideas to increase efficiency.

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Manage your workforce with ease

Whether your employees are in-store helping customers, stocking shelves in the warehouse or on the road delivering goods. Our streamlined digitised workforce management solutions allow your employees to clock-in and out whenever and wherever they are. With our solutions available on laptop, tablet and mobile devices you can stay connected with your team and up to date with the latest information from the organisation.

Our solutions can help you simplify your rosters, by providing clear information of employees work patterns, skills and availability. Enabling you to spend less time producing rosters and more time focusing on your customers.