Download your People First Connect solution sheet

Download your People First Connect solution sheet

If you would like to know more about how People First Connect can help your business to engage and motivate your people and keep your culture alive regardless of where they are located, then why not download our solution sheet.

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What does People First Connect do?

People First Connect is a remote workforce management software platform, which allows you to manage and engage your employees no matter where they are.

Clock ins

Employees can clock in anywhere using optional geo-locator technology


Show employees the bigger picture with progress tracking against objectives


Easily schedule reviews with your employees or manager

Collaboration and communication

Share updates, create groups and communities, add posts, polls and more

Employee information

Keep contacts in one place, works with any existing system

Organisation Chart

Visualise the company in an interactive way

Activity and time tracking

Employees can assign their time to projects and tasks


Lift morale, and drive productivity with employee recognition

Mobile App and Digital Assistant

Access People First Connect anywhere on any device

API library

Easily connects to other platforms

Custom Cards

Track and monitor almost anything in new sections within the interface