The Legal Trends Series

The Legal Trends Series

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Get ahead in legal HR

Events of 2020 caused seismic shifts across the globe, including in the legal sector.

Despite these challenges, law firms have faced obstacles head-on leading to wide success and growth across the industry. We want to help facilitate this growth within your HR department.

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    The Legal Trends Series, created in partnership with People in Law, looks at 5 essential HR and payroll topics in the legal sector, including:

    • Workforce Wellbeing 
    • A Culture of Compliance 
    • The New Recruitment Rules 
    • Cyber Security and Data Safety 
    • Brexit Implications 

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    The Legal Trends Series

    What will you learn?

    • Simple steps to avoid employee burnout 
    • Get up to speed with compliance 
    • Nurture new talent, even from afar 
    • Protect your firm against cyber security risks 
    • Understand and prepare for Brexit implications 

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      The Legal Trends Series aims to provide useful and practical insights and guidance to help you in some of the key areas HR and payroll teams in the legal sector are focussing on now. 

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