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Learning from Legal: HR Data and Metrics

Unique insights into the current state of HR data in the legal sector.

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Data analysis continues to be critical for law firms seeking to improve their business and HR professionals, in particular, have a unique role to play in encouraging their firms to modernise.

But there are considerable gaps in current HR reporting. While there is substantial evidence of a commitment to progressive modernisation efforts, existing data collection only scratches the surface of the reality of employment at law firms. 

In partnership with People in Law and Veran Performance, we acquired and analysed detailed responses from some of the most significant law firms in the sector.

Our report aims to:

  • Guide HR professionals through the gaps in law firms’ current reporting metrics
  • Explain the consequences of missed opportunities
  • Identify practical tips to ensure firms and employees alike enjoy the most significant benefits from data-driven HR reporting

The latest legal insights, just for you.

Learning from Legal

What will you learn?

  • Insights about the state of HR data collection practices in law firms 
  • Digestible analysis on the consequences of current issues 
  • Practical advice and tips to implement quickly and easily in your firm 

Get ahead with the latest legal insights into HR Data and Metrics 

Learning from Legal provides HR professionals with an understanding of the current data landscape in the legal sector. 

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Learning from Legal