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How loyal are your employees?

Our exclusive Loyalty Index research explores the real factors behind loyalty on both sides of the workplace, and to inform employers and HR leaders about retention strategy.

Interestingly, employers believe they're 18% more effective at generating and maintaining employee loyalty than their employees.

Whilst seemingly small, the finding is significant to your business' bottom line with costly rehiring and decreased levels of performance, skills-base, team cohesion and customer retention.

The growing gap between employee loyalty and employer leadership

We surveyed senior executives and employees from private and public sectors to explore the gap between what employees expect if they are to remain loyal to an organisation, and how employers rate themselves at meeting those expectations.

Download our Employee Loyalty Index to explore attitudes to loyalty and how you can increase the willingness of your employees to remain working for your organisation.

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Know your employees

To improve loyalty and increase productivity, your HR department needs greater insight so it can connect your senior business leaders to the people they employ.

  • Do you really get to the bottom of why people leave?
  • How much understanding do you have of individual fulfillment?
  • Do you know what qualifications and skills are needed for your employees to progress?

Your HR team will only be effective if you have the tools and technology to understand potential flight risks. We have a range of options to do just that.

Download our Employee Loyalty Index research now to discover:

  • What percentage of your employees look for a new job every month
  • How many employees regard themselves as loyal
  • The reasons for the gap between business and employee views on loyalty
  • Key employee insights on retention, career paths and workplace culture
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