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iTrent Managed Data Service

A tailored package of resources for your evolving data needs

Essential support for data transformation 

Organisational goals are increasingly tied to data. For rapid insights, performance analysis, on-demand reporting, a tighter grip on compliance and in many other areas, success depends on your ability to put your data to work.

The practicalities of data transformation can be daunting. There are often multiple initiatives to implement and manage. Results are dependent on having the right expertise and technologies to hand.  

Our Managed Data Service is built to deliver successful transformation. Select and tailor your very own service package to deliver the insights, business intelligence, reports and visualisations you need. All of this is made manageable through a flexible subscription model that’s scalable as your data needs evolve.

We can help you with: 

  • Supplying all the reports you need to meet operational, strategic and regulatory requirements. 
  • Developing a consistent approach to reporting and analytics throughout your organisation. 
  • Scaling up your data transformation and ensuring quality of output through world-leading technology and analytics best practice.
  • Managing your spend through a quarterly subscription model.

Build your very own reporting and insights package

MHR Analytics delivers the resources you need and the level of expertise you can depend on. We offer a clear, product-agnostic assessment of your data-related goals and requirements and based on this, you can choose the categories and levels of support you need.

It all adds up to a bespoke service package delivered in an agreed quarterly fee that helps you plan with greater certainty.

Managed Data Discovery session

Our experts assess your business objectives and data needs with you. From this, we can establish your reporting, analytics and data visualisation requirements.

Bespoke report recommendations

Based on the discovery session, our experts can suggest a range of reports to meet your regulatory, strategic and operational requirements, utilising our partnerships with world-leading technology providers such as IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Prepared for the future

Data requirements can shift over time. With the Managed Data Service, you can expand or change your reporting package to ensure it is always in sync with organisational objectives.

Support for advanced analytics

You can focus on reducing your reporting burden and to enhance day-to-day performance monitoring and management. Equally, the Managed Data Service allows you to look beyond ‘business as usual’ and introduce solutions that will significantly advance your decision making capabilities. This includes advanced analytics, forecasting and scenario planning.

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Automated pensions

Better use of resources and improved business insights

Get an instant, top-line view of performance, or drill down into the numbers when you need to. Through bespoke reports and visualisations, you get high-value data insights across all areas, presented in a format that best suits your organisation.

With the right automated, self-service reporting at their fingertips, it can significantly reduce your team’s day-to-day workload. Redistribute your resources to focus on strategic tasks and improve your return on investment.

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Stay on top of your regulatory requirements

Ensure that all critical reporting is completed accurately on time, every time. Leverage the expertise of our data architects to ensure accuracy, security, and availability.

To guarantee successful implementation and higher usage rates, we take a different approach and ensure an exact match between organisational requirements and the solutions you adopt. We also provide all the support you need to ensure business users can put your new capabilities to work, day-to-day.

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Get started with our service subscription model

Our service subscription model removes the need for an upfront capital outlay. We help you establish precisely what services and technologies you require. All costs are consolidated into predictable, manageable payments split across the length of the contract.

Get the exact reports your organisation needs. Transform your decision-making through the latest forecasting and advanced analytics capabilities.

To find out what’s possible, book a no-obligation discovery session today.