Threat of a cybersecurity attack being detected and blocked by iTrent Shield

Webinar: Improving Your Cyber Security

Thursday 13th May

Is it time to upgrade your cyber security?

The government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 showed two in five UK businesses had experienced cyber security breaches or attacks over the past year, costing organisations thousands of pounds. With many organisations lacking the most basic cyber security skills, you're exposing your business to unnecessary risks. 

That's where we can help! 

Watch our on-demand webinar where our Chief Cyber Security Officer, Will North, provides his top tips to help you keep your organisation safe and secure. 


  • Different types of internal and external risks
  • Basic cyber security processes you should have in place
  • Cloud vs on-premise system security
  • The importance of two-factor authentication 
  • Detecting suspicious behaviour and malicious activity

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Newly accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus, our expert Will North will share his expertise, discussing some of major risks organisations face when it comes to cybersecurity. He'll share ways to improve your cyber security and explain some of the key technologies you can implement to protect your business. 

Suitable for HR, Data and IT professionals looking to protect their organisation, register now to watch instantly on-demand. 

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