Webinar: Managing sickness and absence

HR advice: Sickness and absence webinar

Wednesday 27th January 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Learn more about managing sickness and absence

This season, tackling sickness and absence is going to be more complicated than usual, managing seasonal illness on top of the added pressure of Covid-19 and isolation periods. 

Join our next HR advice webinar as our experts share their knowledge, discussing everything from short and long-term sickness to presenteeism, trigger mechanisms, and special circumstances.

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  • Short-term sickness absence
  • Long-term sickness absence
  • Designing a sickness absence policy
  • Sickness absence in times of covid
  • Tackling presenteeism & leavism
  • Return to work interviews
  • Trigger mechanisms
  • Special circumstances
  • Wellbeing support

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The next in our HR Advisory series, our latest HR Advice Webinar is focused on sickness and absence, as voted by you! 

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Join us on 27th January at 11:00.

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