computer screen with e-signatures product screenshot

Introduction to E-signatures and interactive payslips

Thursday 5th November 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Learn more about iTrent's latest features

Join our introduction to e-signatures and interactive payslips to learn more about some of iTrent's latest and upcoming features. We'll provide you with an overview of the modules, including a demonstration to show how it enhances your existing iTrent functionality. 

iTrent is continually updating with brand new features aimed at making our customers' processes easier. E-signatures are designed to help speed up the signing of correspondence, saving money on paper and distribution, and reducing risk by keeping all documents stored safely in iTrent. 

As part of the upcoming 10.38 release, interactive payslips are coming with major enhancements to give your organisation the ability to interact with the items on a payslip to get an understanding of what they relate to and how they have been calculated.


  • Introduction to e-signatures
  • Introduction to interactive payslips
  • Demonstrations of the modules
  • Explanation of key features

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