Strategic consultancy

Change Management & Strategic HR Consultancy

Improve your revenues by
transforming your business

Fast track your HR and payroll improvement programmes

Our strategic services team specialises in providing solutions for organisations undergoing a period of challenge or change. We will work with you to review your current company culture and processes alongside the existing use of your software to deliver a solution that will drive business performance and growth.

We offer a wide range of services to drive change in our customer’s organisations and support the management of their people. From large-scale strategic transformation projects to operational support and business continuity, we can help you to overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals.

We will work with you to:

  • Deliver a transformational change project to support your long-term business objectives

  • Map your processes against the latest best practice and address gaps and improvements that can be made

  • Future-proofing your software platforms to ensure they meet your needs now and in the future

How can we support you?

Our team of HR, payroll and change management experts will provide advice and support on change, communications, employee engagement, team structures and more to ensure that you deliver true transformation and embed measurable benefits.

User adoption

We will work with you to develop a communications programme that works to ensure that your transformation project is a success


We will look beyond technology and platforms to deliver organisational transformation that really embeds itself within your culture and gives you a measurable return on investment

Knowledge transfer

Our team of experts will provide you with all the knowledge and skills so that you can lead transformation within your business

Best practice

We will provide you with advice and guidance based on current best practice processes and legislation. You can benefit from our years of working within the HR market, including working alongside legislative bodies

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HR Management

Transform your HR

Growth plans, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions are all changes you’ve likely experienced. The need to do more with less and have a strong infrastructure in place are reasons to automate tasks and streamline your business.

Working in partnership with you, we can review your specific requirements, for your whole HR and payroll provision, or for a single process. Our team of experts will use their years of industry experience to provide you with recommendations for how to transform and improve business performance.

Digital change success

Making change a success

Once we’ve helped you to understand the needs of your business, it’s important that the transition to any new processes is as smooth as possible.

Company leaders and management are likely to fully understand the benefits and purposes of any recent changes. Getting the wider workforce on board is more of a challenge.

Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we will help you develop a communications programme that will make your all important transformation projects a success.

Digital journey

Accelerate your digital journey

To become efficient, organisations must leverage the power of digital. This is the case more than ever as we move to a different world of work. Accepting the need to walk away from the existing business processes your organisation grew from seems counterintuitive but adopting a cutting-edge digital strategy will help your business environment evolve.

Our strategic HR and payroll consultancy team can help our customers unlock the newest, most advanced features of iTrent to sharpen your competitive edge as part of your digital strategy.

A consultant looking at his laptop data and writing down the analytics.

Data and analytics consultancy

When harnessed in the right way, data has the power to increase revenue and profitability, improve employee productivity, generate customer insight, and help plan for the future. However, only 26% of businesses believe they’re driven by data.

Our team of business consultants will provide a full data management and analytics consultancy service that can help you to truly raise your data game and get you on the road to success.