iTrent chatbot

iTrent chatbot

Your personal digital assistant
for all things iTrent

Don't waste your HR team's time on tasks that could be automated

Your HR team want to lose those out-dated spreadsheets and paperwork, and so do your employees.

Get your day back with a digital assistant for your HR and Payroll. iTrent users are already a step ahead with an online approach to employee self-service. Now it’s time to go mobile with a personal HR chatbot for every employee. It answers your peoples’ questions, it recruits your new talent and it gets things done, no matter the time or place. It’s fast, simple, 24/7 HR for your people.

We can support you with:

  • Automating your admin and letting your iTrent digital assistant do it for you
  • A quick and easy support sytem your employees can rely on
  • Giving HR teams more time to focus on more important tasks


Connecting your people with instant answers

The digital assistant is part of iTrent and connects people to their personal data directly. Our HR chatbot can be installed across your organisation swiftly with minimal training needed because it uses the same instant-messaging technology that people are already familiar with to help you:

Take back time

The digital assistant organises everyone’s day so they can prioritise their workload more effectively.

A single point of contact

With one place to get all your information, there's no need to search around disparate systems or departments trying to get answers.

Make admin easy

Employees can book holiday or time off in lieu at the click of a button, putting them in control of their work-life balance.

Simplify expenses

You can simply snap and send pictures of your receipts using the digital assistant to get your money back faster and save on the admin, as well as reducing accidental fraud.

Interested in adding a chatbot to your existing iTrent system?

iTrent chatbot

Safe and secure in a single system

The digital assistant is available on multiple devices so that your employees can complete their HR tasks on the go. They can access their personal data directly and securely and when they update their details using the digital assistant, it updates iTrent too.

Your people can check their tasks, keep track of their time and attendance, book holidays or time off and complete expenses, all while avoiding duplicate data entry. It helps to ensure your data is accurate and up to date, while giving employees control of their information. 


Using iTrent chatbot


iTrent’s digital assistant is the perfect matchmaker for job seekers and HR teams. It can answer a job seeker's common questions, allowing them to find their ideal role, ask questions about culture, perks and hours, and apply for roles - quickly, easily, 24/7. 

HR teams don't have to worry about losing quality candidates who apply out of hours and they can get daily alerts on new applications that have been received, so no one misses an opportunity.