Luke Robinson, IT Support Engineer talks beyond the tie about his time at MHR

Luke Robinson, IT Support Engineer at MHR

What makes working at MHR so great?

“The benefits of working at MHR? Productive and friendly colleagues, modern offices and technology, and the ability to expand my knowledge and training, with great support from management.”


And what’s Luke most proud of?

“My biggest achievement at MHR is the recent automation projects. I worked on completing the Leavers, New Starters and Transfers being automated. We recently went live. Seeing them work effectively and how they save Internal IT a lot of work, is a great feeling of achievement.”


In-house inspiration? A mentor?

“Chris Roach is the person who has inspired me the most at MHR. He has helped me organise a lot of my projects, suggested new learning courses and allowed me to explore my own ideas.”


MHR’s values. What does Luke identify with the most?

“Collaboration resonates the most. I enjoy working across different teams to achieve outcomes that everyone involved agrees on. I worked closely with Cloud Services on the automation project which helped develop my understanding, enabling me to make the process even more efficient.”


Away from work?

“My hobby is Live Action Roleplay (Larp). It involves physically portraying a character I have created for a weekend. The Larp I do is called Empire – from a company called Profound Decisions who created the story and world my character exists in. I also enjoy gaming so if I didn’t work at MHR, I’d probably choose a career in that. I also like cooking, so maybe a chef…”


A restaurant or gaming company’s loss is MHR’s gain.