Alex Staniforth, showing off her hobby of figure skating

Alex Staniforth, Acting Senior Field Marketing Manager at MHR

What do you do at MHR and what is your hobby?

"I’m Alex, an Acting Senior Field Marketing Manager, and have worked at MHR for about 10 months. My chosen hobby is figure skating.

I started skating after I went to a friend’s birthday party when I was around 11. I instantly loved it and went on to complete all my figure skating grades throughout my teens. For the final grading, ‘gold’, I had to choreograph and perform my own figure skating routine, which was terrifying! I also nearly failed several of my skating exams because I used to stick my tongue out when I was concentrating on the ice…"

What's the favourite part of your job?

"I am responsible for leading on private sector marketing activity for MHR. The current campaign I’m focussing on is data and analytics, as well as supporting my brilliant team with their finance and payroll campaigns. My favourite part of the job is the variety. One day I might be planning a data analytics roadshow, the next creating an email campaign, and then filming content for a campaign.

I laugh every single day working at MHR too – the people are just amazing, and such good fun."

What are you most proud of?

"The MHR Payroll Summit is my proudest achievement since working here. It took a lot of effort to organise and execute, but it went really well and garnered some real interest in our real-time payroll engine, which was great."

Which company values resonate with you the most?

"Collaboration and Trust. I love collaborating with colleagues across the organisation as I always learn so much from working with others, and trust is a big value of mine, both personally and professionally. I believe it fosters a happy, healthy workplace culture, which for me, we absolutely have here at MHR."

Who inspires you the most within the organisation?

"Maddy Gibney. I’m always impressed by how she’s progressed within the marketing department since she joined the company over four years ago. She’s also built really strong relationships with colleagues throughout the business and has earned a lot of respect due to her kind and empathetic but no-nonsense approach to things. If there’s ever something I’m unsure of, Maddy will have the answer!"

What career would you be in if not this one?

"I’d be on the stage, darling! I studied drama at the University of Hull and was in a number of plays growing up."