1 March 2021

Unlocking your data - along with its full potential

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It’s our data. So how do we put it to work, however and wherever we choose? The new Managed Data Service solves precisely this problem for iTrent customers.

We don’t just lift your HR or payroll data out of iTrent; rather, we can ensure it is transformed and fully optimised for whatever purpose you have in mind…  

What’s the problem?  

Whatever you use iTrent for - whether it’s for payroll, HR, training - or a combination of all three, your system almost certainly contains a vast quantity of information.  

And of course, organisational data has potential uses that go beyond its original purpose. For instance, as part of your wider transformation ambitions, you might want to take that data, analyse it and use the insights obtained to drive innovations in workforce planning.  

Or it may be that you simply want to process your iTrent data in a different software application: for example, you might want to take the data from your recently acquired iTrent HR system and use it with your pre-existing payroll software, or send it to your solution provider.  

In each case, you obviously need access to your data. But ideally, you don’t just want to extract it from the system; you need to make sure that it’s going to work properly when it gets to its desired location. This is the issue that our Managed Data Service enables you to solve.  

What’s the solution?   

Through our new service, you tell us what you want to do with your iTrent data, and we do it for you. 

Need to regularly send certain categories of HR information to your payroll provider to ensure all staff records are up-to-date? Not a problem. We can ensure that the data gets to where it needs to be, reliably, securely and in your desired format - at whatever time frequency you need to transfer it.  

Want to extract and analyse your data? With a wealth of data analytics and workforce planning expertise on board, we can go one better. We’ll ensure that the data is not only extracted, but cleansed, verified and formatted for optimum accuracy and performance. We can even equip you with the reports and analytics tools you need. 

All of this comes as part of the Managed Data Service: an exciting new offering that enables our customers to access precisely the reports and data support they need, through a flexible, cost-effective subscription model. You can find out more about the service here.  

How does it work?  

It starts with a discovery workshop, where our data and analytics experts carry out a thorough appraisal of your data requirements, including your existing methods and practices for data transfer.  

As part of this, we can ascertain precisely what datasets you need to extract from iTrent, and what action will be required to ensure the data is fit for the designated location and purpose. We can then ensure that all relevant transfer and formatting steps are carried out on time, every time.  

All of this comes as part of a subscription model. And as your transfer/formatting needs change, you can easily update the service parameters.  

Business benefits  

The new service allows you to tap into our expertise as a natural extension of your own resources. So when it comes to data transfer, we can ensure that your data is 'ready for action’ for whatever purposes you choose, without you having to expend time and resources on often gruelling tasks such as verification and cleansing.  

For HR and payroll information, security and privacy are paramount. Taking advantage of the service means you are always up to date with best practices; particularly with regard to secure data transfer.  

It can also open up new possibilities for your data. Optimised in the right way and paired with hand-picked analytics solutions, you are fully equipped to carry out more accurate workforce planning and drive performance.  

Find out more  

On day 3 of our Data Week series, you’ll see first-hand how one of our customers puts our data transformation service to work. 

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