22 March 2021

Infographic: Recruiting in retail

Retail worker learning the systems

Recruiting the right talent for your job vacancies is vital for running and growing your organisation, whether you are recruiting for full-time, part-time, or temporary seasonal workers.

Making sure all candidates have a positive experience is essential not only because a negative experience is damaging for your brand but having a poor candidate experience can lead to 63% rejecting the job offer. Also, retailers who don’t have a positive onboarding experience can expect various downfalls including:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 new employees leave the company before the end of their first year
  • 20% of new employees will leave within the first 45 days
  • 5% of new employees quit immediately after a disastrous first day.

Recruiting in retail in numbers

    Recruiting in retail in number infographic


    • 70% of retail employers find it difficult to recruit in-store candidates with the right skills 
    • 57% of candidates lose interest in a job if the recruitment process takes too long
    • 72% of candidates tell others about a negative experience 
    • 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days due to a negative onboarding experience
    • 38% employee turnover within the retail industry, which is very high
    • By using the right solutions organisations can save £300k


    Using the right solutions to support recruiting in retail

    Using specialist recruitment solutions as part of your HR and payroll platform ensures you have the end-to-end tools to support your employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle. 

    Getting the most out of your recruitment and onboarding processes can increase the productivity of new starters by 70%.

    With web recruitment and onboarding all integrated into one specialist HR and payroll platform, you can make sure that your candidate experience is as seamless as possible, speeding up your recruitment processes and keeping candidates interested in your job, improving recruitment and retention.  

    Our solutions give you the foundations to reach a wide pool of candidates effectively across multiple platforms to ensure as much visibility as possible. You can track your vacancies by status, see responses and provide reports to analyse the success of your recruitment process - all in one place!

    Pairing our recruitment and onboarding solutions with our learning suite allows employees to learn new skills to develop their career within your organisation, keeping an engaged workforce, and reducing your turnover rate.

    These statistics were taken from reports from Indeed, Robert Half, Effectory, and CareerArc.

    Ellena Frost

    Ellena Frost

    Ellena is a Field Marketing Manager at MHR.

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