27 April 2021

iTrent Tips: Recruitment

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Did you know iTrent’s new features support better recruiting processes?

Recruiting can take up a lot of an organisation’s time and money. iTrent provides you with the necessary tools to support your recruitment processes, and it has now been made even easier with our latest updates.

With streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes that easily integrate your new starters, iTrent helps you to improve your candidate’s experience, keeping your organisation’s reputation strong and ensuring you can find the talent you need.

Read our top tips to improve your processes.


Top tips to get more out of iTrent to improve your recruitment processes

Did you know you can preview a job description in its web view before it is published so that you can be sure it will show how you wish and attract more applicants?

Previewing your job description before publishing gives you an overview of how the job advert will look to applicants.  With a clear job description, you have a comprehensible set of expectations to attract more suitable applicants, provide you with a measuring tool for job performance reviews and show your organisation has good communication.

A vague or unclear job description with spelling or grammatical errors can confuse and discourage applicants from applying, limiting your candidate pool. In the future, this can also cause issues with employees over their role and what their responsibilities are.


Did you know applicants can view a job advert/description after they've submitted their application, or after the application closing date, so that they can review it in preparation for the interview?

Using this feature allows applicants to get a better understanding and knowledge of the job role you are advertising, giving them the opportunity to showcase the attributes you are looking for.  This additional visibility for your applicants starts off a positive candidate experience, showing your organisation as transparent and supportive by giving them continued access to the information they need to impress. A positive candidate experience is essential for keeping a good reputation as an organisation because 72% of candidates discuss their experience with others.


Did you know that you can preview additional position information at the point of offer to ensure you are selecting the correct position?

If you have more than one of the same position available but with different hours and information, you can sometimes offer a candidate the wrong contract, making you look unorganised, creating confusion for you candidate, and giving you a headache to fix. Within iTrent, you now have the ability to preview key position information to ensure you are offering the candidate the right contract at the point of offer, giving the candidate a positive start to their onboarding experience.

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