9 January 2019

iTrent Hacks To Increase Your Payroll Efficiencies

Did you know that iTrent's Payroll can do more than you think? Read our top five tips to improve your processes.

The iTrent payroll solution is continually developing to ensure organisations can keep pace with the evolving world of work. With such an in-depth HR and payroll platform, and many different ways to automate processes and increase efficiencies, it can be easy to miss something. Payroll may not be an area that comes to mind when you consider automation and process transformation, but there’s plenty you can do to increase the efficiencies of your payroll activity.

iTrent is frequently praised for its easy functionality, which sometimes leads to processes being followed which are not being used to their full effect.

For the second hacks blog in our series, we’ve pulled together some little known ‘hacks’ to help you get even greater benefits for your payroll runs.

Top tips for getting more out of your iTrent payroll processes

1. Did you know you can configure the payroll calculation to notify you if an employee is paid below the National Minimum Wage for their age or role?

Salary sacrifice schemes or uniform costs are just a couple of ways lower-paid employees’ salaries can inadvertently fall below the National Minimum Wage; this can lead to expensive fines for non-compliance. With iTrent payroll, protect your organisation by immediately highlighting these errors to avoid falling foul. 

2. Did you know that we have introduced a new field on payslips to show the number of hours worked during each pay period?

This change ensures that your organisation is compliant with new legislation effective from April 2019, where payslips must include an itemised list of hours worked for different rates of pay.

3. Did you know you can configure a pension scheme to be a salary sacrifice scheme?

This configuration removes the need for any additional elements or steps to capture the sacrifice value, saving time and costs by simplifying the payroll process.

4. Did you know that within a user calculation you can establish the day of the week a claimed value was made?

This allows you to write logic into calculations to pay different values for different scenarios, such as premium pay at weekends, ensuring your employees are always paid accurately.

5. Did you know that you now create a BACS file inclusive of headers and footers?

This removes the need to manually create or use additional software to format your files, saving precious time during busy pay periods.

With the enormous amount of time and resources required to efficiently and accurately run your payroll, have you considered outsourcing instead? Our managed payroll services team will take full responsibility for your end-to-end payroll process with 99.99% accuracy. By outsourcing to MHR's managed payroll service, you will have access to a team of experts who will ensure an efficient, accurate, secure, and compliant service.

Did you find these tips useful? Read more of our iTrent hacks series with tips about increasing productivity and iTrent Electric.

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Stuart Price

Stuart Price is a Business Analyst, focusing on the development of Pay and Rewards and ensuring that iTrent remains at the cutting edge of compliance.

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