4 August 2021

How can you ensure business continuity and mitigate risk post COVID-19?

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As we move on from the COVID-19 pandemic and return to ‘the new normal’, business continuity plans and the need to protect software assets have changed.

COVID-19 revealed the importance of the supply chain. Almost all businesses are reliant on suppliers to some degree, and as such, vulnerabilities and unforeseen events can be devastating. 11.5M people in the UK were furloughed and for many businesses the demands of the pandemic were too much, resulting in them closing their doors for good.

Most organisations in the UK rely on business-critical applications to perform key tasks and automate processes. Unfortunately, no matter the industry, size, market share, or even media coverage, no organisation is immune to market forces. All companies can be susceptible.

No matter how prepared you are to face the challenges ahead, for most organisations third-party suppliers will always play a vital role in your operations and will be a potential weak link in your business continuity plans. So what happens when the suppliers of those applications are no longer available to support you?

Software escrow is an intelligent way of protecting your business assets against events beyond your control.

What is software escrow?

A software escrow is a service by a neutral third party that helps maintain software in cases where a vendor fails to maintain and update the software as promised in a licence agreement. It protects companies against ‘what if’ scenarios and puts companies in control of their third-party software investments. A software escrow agreement ensures a strengthened security and continuity strategy.

SES and MHR: a partnership to protect your assets

MHR has partnered with SES, the global experts in operational resilience, to provide this additional layer of security to customers. The addition of software escrow, provides for improved IT governance and lower operational risk. MHR’s partnership with SES secures a copy of your iTrent source code, data and all materials required to deploy iTrent swiftly and accurately in the event that something unexpected happens. It continues supporting and maintaining your application until you can procure a suitable replacement - protecting your business continuity and putting you in control of your investment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the value of preparation and having a business continuity plan in place to protect against unforeseen circumstances. Together SES and MHR  provide you with the confidence that whatever happens elsewhere, the continuity of your business is protected.

Partners for over five years, SES and MHR work together to protect your iTrent system against unforeseen challenges and provide an additional level of security to appease your customers and workforce.

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Darragh Lavin

Delivering risk mitigation and business continuity solutions to clients for close to 10 years. Darragh started with SES as an Account Manager looking after UK clients within local government and the health sector. For the last 7 years he has been an Account Director at SES and consults with clients both domestically and internationally to support projects and protect business critical software solutions. SES is a global leader in Software Escrow solutions with over 2000 clients across more than 45 countries.

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