26 May 2020

Infographic: Mental health at work during lockdown

Mental Health At Work During Lockdown

Maintaining your mental health can be tough. This has never been more true for employees than now.

Despite significant progress on mental health awareness in recent years, there is still a long way to go to tackle mental health issues in work, as employees battle with workplace burnout in a whole new environment. Our own homes.

But is enough being done by employers and line managers to support mental health during the Coronavirus? We polled over 5,000 UK workers to find out what the impact really is.

Mental health matters

Transcription: The current pandemic is impacting our mental health, here's just how much.

  • 53% don't think their company is concerned about their well-being or mental health
  • 43% claim to feel exhausted or full of dread at the start of a new week
  • 48% have taken a day off due to mental health concerns
  • 67% think that revealing a mental health problem at work could jeopardise their career
  • 22% think that revealing a mental health problem at work wouldn't have a negative impact on their career
  • 76% would like their manager to check in with them more regularly
  • 59% claim their employer is not making enough effort to check-in with them whilst in lockdown 
mental health during lockdown stats infographic by MHR

These statistics are taken from a series of polls MHR ran in April 2020, polling over 5,000 UK workers for Mental Health Awareness Week.

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