4 February 2021

10 tips to enhance team collaboration in the digital workplace

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Here are 10 simple things that you can do to enhance your team's collaboration and bring back albeit digitally those chance meetings and chats.

Whether or not you like working from home, one thing many of us agree is that we miss those random moments to chat with our colleagues. We are social creatures by nature. We miss our work friends and the opportunity to get up from our desk for a few minutes to chat, grabbing a coffee or having that” water cooler” moment with colleagues.

1. Daily ‘stand-ups’  

Spend the first or the last 10-15 minutes of your day catching up with your team, understanding if they have any issues or blockers and what the wider team can do to support them. Spending the amount of time you would probably spend going to the canteen to grab a coffee will help improve and enhance your team’s collaboration.  

2. Chat and video apps 

Chat apps are great tools for remote workers to have instant conversations. They provide a way for team members to connect instantly but don’t just rely on chat, put your cameras on and give your colleagues a call. Nothing beats face to face conversations. And you may just see your colleague's cat wander across the screen which certainly gives you a talking point!  

3. Informal breaks 

Set up a time in a day when remote workers can take a break to have those casual conversations with their team members. Making the time for these will not only allow them to bond with their peers but also will enable them to take a much-needed break away from their screens.  

4. Make time for small talk 

Conversations don’t have to be all work and no play. By initiating casual chats you not only get to know your colleagues better, but you provide needed physical and mental breaks. Actively encouraging and participating in these kinds of conversations help build trust, unity, and inclusion. Do you have a platform in place where you can see what your colleagues are working on, their interests, and what motivates them? Having access to this information is a great way to kick-start those conversations.  

5. Openly give recognitions 

Promoting praise helps team members feel appreciated and motivated; and helps your team remain unified — no matter the distance that separates you. Recognitions support the continued collaboration within a team.   

6. Connect with like-minded people 

Connect with people across your organisation who share the same interests. A dedicated group on your collaboration platform can allow foodies swap recipes or dog lovers to share pictures of their sleeping pets. Getting team members to connect personally and engage with others increases feelings of togetherness, collaboration and engagement.  

7. Virtual clubs 

Hosting virtual clubs are an excellent way for remote workers to connect over something that they love. Not only will it facilitate people from different teams to connect, but it will also enhance the company culture boosting collaboration and creativity   

8. ‘Happy Hour’ 

We can’t just pop down to the local for a drink after work anymore so why not create a virtual happy hour after work? This enables colleagues to connect, discuss all matters both work and play, and foster collaboration and inclusion within your organisation.  

9. Different tech  

Trial the use of different technologies. Virtual whiteboards provide a great space for colleagues to share their thoughts and ideas in a single space during a meeting. They also provide the opportunity for the team to ask questions and challenge each other’s thoughts. Nothing was more productive and fostered team collaboration like the old face-to-face whiteboard meeting – do them online, they can be just as effective! 

10. If it’s not working - adapt 

If somethings not working, then adapt. There isn’t a one size fits all approach, learn from what others within your organisation are doing, what your friends and family are maybe doing within the organisations they work.  

If you would like to understand how our People First platform can support your remote working policies and help you to maintain your organisational culture and team spirit, get in touch today.  

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