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Building a workplace for everyone

At MHR, we are committed to our employees, our suppliers, customers and the community. We know that without our hardworking teams, we wouldn’t be able to provide products and services to our customers and, in turn, support our community and suppliers.

We continue to build employee confidence and engagement by soliciting feedback and taking action where applicable. We’re committed to:

  • Engendering a level of trust within our workforce to report unethical conduct with confidence.

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Workplace wellbeing

Trust in the workplace is important in every business – not only for the health of the business, but for the health of employees as well. Trust is engrained at MHR as one of our core values.

Within a diverse workforce, it's important to look after everyone’s needs. In order to help meet that objective we offer all employees access to a 24/7 online medical expert, as well as support for any mental health-related needs.

In providing this support we are aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals in providing universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential healthcare services and access to safe, effective, quality, affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.

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Reducing inequality in the workplace

We continue working to ensure that everyone who steps through our doors is treated equally. At MHR we champion diversity and inclusion, making sure that everyone in the company feels welcome and at home. We will continue to drive inclusivity and sustainability initiatives.

MHR will shortly be introducing diversity and inclusivity training for all employees in order to broaden their understanding.

There is a wide array of opportunities for our employees to socialise outside of the office. We are keen supporters of the MHR five-a-side football team and our running club which raises money for local charities.

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Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to trust reflects the UN SDGs for good health, wellbeing and reduced inequalities. This encompasses the protection of physical and mental wellbeing with the aim of developing trust right across our business.

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