drone shot of MHR buildings and offices

Maximising our resources

Utilising the depth of businesses and resources our local area has to offer we’re committed to:

  • Continuing to use local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Investing in the development of our circular economy across different business operations

We acknowledge the need to continuously optimise the use of our resources to ensure the sustainability of our business and the relationships we build along the way.

birds eye view of a roundabout in the city with tree at the centre

Powering our planet, people and customers

Our efforts to boost the circular economy run right throughout our business operations, with the aim to maximise the use of resources on site.

Using Enva, our waste is put through a vigorous process to recover as much recyclable waste as possible. In our onsite restaurants we use Vegware – a plant-based, renewable, low carbon compostable food packaging.

With the help of EnviroElectronics, damaged or obsolete electronic equipment is disposed of in line with ISO14001, ensuring we’re reducing our waste footprint responsibly.

Currently hosting over 800 customers, our data centres provide an extra layer of reassurance – meaning our software can be run at optimal efficiency.

MHR key resources stats, including: 800+ of our customers are hosted using our data centres and 98.2% of waste is recycled with the help of Evna.
canteen tables and coffee bar

Investing in quality

Our food providers Olive Catering, use fresh, locally sourced environmentally sustainable ingredients in all their meals. This includes Fairtrade ethically sourced coffee and fresh produce from British farmers. Olive Catering’s balanced meal offerings support employee health and wellbeing.

The work of our building and ground maintenance teams impacts positively on the quality of our offices and amenities. Ruddington Hall, dating from 1860, is maintained to the highest standards.

Stepnell, a local building contractor, is dedicated to the responsible development of our infrastructure. In doing so, we have created a synergy between communities while building on the strength of our supplier network.

tractor moving in a field with crops and UN SDG icons on top

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our resource initiatives and commitments reinforce the UN SDGs and helps us acknowledge the wider influence we have. We continue to take climate action by improving our circular economy and developing our offices in a sustainable way. By investing in quality local resources, we’re building a healthy environment for our employees.

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