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Shaping a workplace in which people will thrive

Our people are really what make our business. And we're are proud that so many choose to retain a lifelong career with us, as well as many starting their careers at MHR, providing all with the support they need along their journey.

Diversity of talent across the business is crucial to our ongoing success. With business sustainability a key value, we emphasise the importance of investing in young people through our apprenticeship and graduate management schemes, enabling us to futureproof our business.

We're committed to:

  • Continuously refining our training course portfolio and L&D strategy to encourage uptake
  • Increasing the awareness of development opportunities available for all 

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Nurturing learning and development opportunities

Our integrated HR and training platform is essential in upskilling our workforce, creating additional opportunities and empowering employees to have control over their career pathway.

We look to continuously evolve our offering so that it’s always relevant to the fast-changing world of work. We have our own dedicated team of internal trainers driving learning and ongoing professional development.

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Opportunities for all

We recognise the importance of creating a thriving multi-generational workforce and the positive impact it has on both the workplace and our community. Generational diversity lays a solid foundation for organisational growth, promoting an experience-driven learning environment – sparking new ideas and ways of working.

At MHR we look to create teams packed with a range of talent and experiences. From our mentoring schemes where current leaders share their knowledge and experiences with our future leaders to rolling out our extensive range of training programmes, we are constantly upskilling and developing our people.

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Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives and commitments focus heavily on generational growth and are aligned to the UN SDGs – a recognised blueprint for a more sustainable future. We're continually looking for new ways to innovate and drive change that supports and contributes towards these goals.

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