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On a journey to end our carbon emissions

We know the impact our business has on the planet, and we’re committed to the actions we need to take to reduce our carbon footprint.

As outlined in our net carbon framework, we promise to:

  • Become carbon neutral by 2028*
  • Reach net zero by 2050
  • Encourage net-zero practices with our suppliers

We're working hard to ensure business operations reach our carbon neutral target while establishing the most effective approach to achieving net zero across our whole value chain – with supplier support.

*across scope 1 and 2 operations.

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Ensuring our suppliers are part of our journey

To achieve net zero, we need to ensure that all parties play their part. When working with suppliers – existing or new – we establish that their awareness of climate action aligns with ours. We operate in a way where all parties acknowledge their responsibilities and take appropriate steps to act in an environmentally conscious way.

Environmental screening allows us to monitor our direct and indirect emissions. It is important to us to have transparency throughout our operations, encouraging suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint and foster a sustainable supply chain.

Climate stats

Read MHR's Net Zero Carbon Framework

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Maximising energy efficiency

We're continuously striving not only to meet but exceed energy standards. This is why we've installed over 400 solar panels which produced 84.26 megawatts of power in 2021.

In addition, we have: electric vehicle charging points, double thermal insulation to our roofing areas and external walls, triple glazed windows, LED lighting with occupancy sensors, centrally controlled heating and cooling systems and utility sub-metering to monitor consumption.

This way of operating means lower carbon consumption and controlled energy use, which reflects our commitment to both carbon reduction and investing in foundations to last.

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Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our climate commitments reinforce the UN SDGs, helping us acknowledge and address our impact on a wider scale. Through our climate initiatives, we’re taking effective climate action by reducing carbon consumption and production and promoting renewable energy use.

This is supported by resilient business foundations which reinforce the importance and value of sustainability for not just our people but the wider community.

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