A manager training one of her team member, which is time consuming and repetitive. This organisation needs learning to improve their abilities.

MHR Academy: Learning Solution

Create a continuous learning culture that aids the growth of your organisation.

Your end-to-end digital learning solution

From creating to managing, and storing learning materials, MHR Academy gives you the flexibility you need to tailor content specifically to your organisation, allowing you to produce custom learning development materials that suit your employee’s needs.

You can also gain access to thousands of our eLearning resources, including training for professional soft skills, regulatory requirements, health and safety, and specialist skills training, allowing you to support your employee’s professional and personal development.

By seamlessly integrating with iTrent, People First, or third-party HR and payroll software, our dedicated MHR Academy solution gives you a single source of truth, through smooth data transfer.

Create the best learning experience for your employees and close your skill gaps.

We help you:

  • Close your skill gaps
  • Track your training courses and see who has completed them
  • Provide learning recommendations to help develop your employees
  • Reduce the complexity of managing your learning materials
  • Create new custom learning resources tailored to your organisation
  • Produce quality courses to suit all your employees’ needs

All your learning in one place

Multiple learning formats

We can offer training in a range of formats, from classroom learning to remote, digital, and eLearning. Engage your workforce by giving your employees the option to choose their preferred method.

Eliminate learning admin

Remove tedious learning management administration tasks with automation. Our easy-to-use software makes creating and updating learning materials a breeze, and by storing and managing all your learning in one place, you can keep track of all your learning needs.

Seamless integration

Our LMS seamlessly integrates with iTrent, People First and any third-party HR solutions via APIs. Through smooth data transfer you maintain a single source of truth, allowing you to easily monitor employee engagement and provide the best possible user learning experience.

Create engaging content

Easily create your own learning materials, whether they are manuals, simulations, guided tours, tests, or videos, our learning solution enables your employees to process new learning content faster.

Support mobile employees

Our digital learning solution allows your mobile employees to quickly access custom elearning materials wherever they are and whenever they need them. You can even quickly create tailored courses at your mobile employee’s request, giving them consistent support, regardless of their location.  

Training subscriptions

Our training subscriptions can help you ensure compliance, keep your onboarding productive, and help employees returning to work get to grips with any new changes.


Man on his laptop developing his skillset using MHR Academy.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Host, track, distribute, and optimise your training with automation. Our Learning Management System simplifies the maintenance of your learning programmes, allowing you to produce more personalised learning and adding more value where it matters.

We’ve made our LMS solution easy and quick to use so you can make training your most valuable asset.

Man at his work desk on his computer showing some of the MHR Academy modules.

Empower your workforce

Transform your business with training that’s designed to empower your workforce, beginning at their onboarding, and carried on throughout their career with you. Retain your talent by developing and upskilling your employees with job-specific training or pre-built content, all delivered in their preferred format.

Tablet screen showing iTrent Learning Suite.

Boost career progression

Set your employees up with learning goals tailored to their roles, ensuring they know exactly what training and learning materials they need to complete in order to progress in their careers.

Then you can measure and track your learning materials against your goals, helping you identify routes for succession whilst ensuring engagement across your organisation, helping you provide the best learning experience.

Produce quality learning materials with MHR Academy