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iTrent People Analytics Platform

Monitor, review, change: unlock the full potential of your people data.

Turn your underused HR data into strategic gold

All too often, people data is locked away in a HR and payroll system, with no easy means of accessing it or understanding what it says about your business.

That’s where the iTrent People Analytics Platform can help. Our platform enables you to extract your key data and visualise it in either pre-made or bespoke dashboards – giving you the ability to easily analyse findings and deliver strategic recommendations.

Our model allows you to integrate data from across the business, generating a holistic view of past performance, and enabling more informed forecasting and decision-making that arms your organisation for the future.

The platform highlights:

  • Intuitive analytics and insights for all iTrent users
  • A cloud-based solution that can grow with your business
  • Integration with existing BI tools for collaborative decision making
  • Pre-built dashboards for tracking and analysis at Exec level
  • Salary modelling option for forecasting people costs


HR and payroll systems hold vast quantities of insightful data which when accessed and used correctly, have the power to be one of your most valuable strategic assets. So don’t let it go to waste!

Strategic driver

When combined with data from across the wider business, your people data can provide invaluable insights for board reports and budget forecasting – transforming an admin heavy function into a major strategic driver.

Let HR drive success

Easily demonstrate how your people can impact your business success. Rework recruitment and retention policies based on insights and share your findings through your chosen BI tool to keep leaders up to date.

A holistic view

Gain an instant picture of performance from across the business through visual dashboards that make it easy to access, analyse and share recommendations on key business changes.

Proactive approach

Easily track performance, identify costs and evaluate risks, all in one place. And with instant access to your insights, you can take a proactive approach to decision-making and arm your business for the future.

Minimise ROI

Don’t let your data opportunities go to waste. Get the best out of your existing BI tools by fuelling them with accurate data – generating insights based on actual intelligence and maximising value.

Easily implement change

Extracting and utilising vast quantities of HR data is a task that is often too complex and therefore unachievable for most organisations. But with our cloud-based model and support from our expert teams, we can have a solution that’s configured within hours and deployed instantly.

Discover the iTrent People Analytics Platform with our guide

Absence Analytics Dashboard

Absence Analytics

Your absence data can provide invaluable insights, such as identifying flight risks as well as your highest performers. The Absence Analytics Application pulls this data into a ready-made dashboard so that you can gain a better understanding of your employees.

Armed with this data, you can make improvements and drive organisational change that better supports your employees and encourages a culture that values and retains those that matter the most.

People Analytics Dashboard

People Analytics

Easily drill down into your people data to monitor trends and track performance with the pre-built People Analytics Application. See which teams have high employee turnover and understand key demographics such as age, gender, overall salary costs and much more.

Gain easy access to the most important people data – allowing you to make strategic decisions and report on KPIs that support your organisational needs.

Payroll Analytics Dashboard

Payroll Analytics

Thanks to the Payroll Analytics Application you can visualise all of your payroll data in one dashboard – without the headache of manually collating all of your requirements.

With visibility of sick pay across the entire business, or an understanding of the benefits package costs on a monthly basis – the Payroll Analytics Application enables you to gain a better understanding of your workforce costs.