Manufacturing HR and payroll solutions

Manage and engage your workforce to accelerate your business

HR and payroll software and services for manufacturing

More than ever, manufacturing businesses need to increase efficiencies and resilience to support their workforce in a constantly changing environment.

You need HR and payroll solutions that cater for a wide-ranging workforce with diverse needs, that must remain compliant and maintain health and safety standards. It’s important to ensure you know your people are up to date with training and can work safely with the relevant qualifications such as forklift training. 

Our HR and payroll solutions ensure your organisation is best equipped to assist your workers, to help them feel supported at work and able to make a measurable impact to your business. 

We can help you with:

  • Keeping on top of compliance and training to ensure safety and avoid fines
  • Streamlining processes and making your complex payroll simple 
  • Simplifying workforce management with tools to support time and attendance, rostering and absence
Manufacturing HR and payroll

HR and payroll solutions for the manufacturing industry

With teams and employees to manage on different shifts and different locations, choosing the right HR and payroll can make all the difference in how your workforce is organised, paid and deployed.

Effectively train your teams

Our sophisticated learning and development tools enable you to track mandatory training and qualification expiry dates to avoid high fines and penalties

Streamline your processes

Our market leading services team can help to review your processes and streamline your systems, ensuring you're getting the maximum return you deserve and reducing the risks associated with manual and paper based processes. This will help to reduce repetitive data entry and avoid mistakes that could damage your reputation and lead to fines

24/7 mobile access

Keep your employees connected with mobile friendly solutions to find company news, book holidays and check training dates when they leave the factory floor

Simplify complex payroll

Reduce your payroll headache with a system that can run multiple payrolls, and easily handle TOIL, shift patterns and multiple contracts

Keep on top of compliance

Our solutions mean you’re always up to date with legislation changes and Revenue requirements, without having to manually update your systems and processes

Simplify workforce management

Automated systems for tracking time and attendance, clocking-in and out, and simplifying rostering reduces your HR admin to save time and money

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Managing workforce in manufacturing

Manage your workforce needs

Our integrated HR and payroll solutions let you keep track of your workers, managing their shifts, skills and qualifications to ensure your workers are engaged, trained and paid correctly. You’ll avoid fines for health and safety breaches and ensure all mandatory training is always up to date. 

A leading manufacturing firm was fined over €1.6million due to an avoidable health and safety breach. Removing spreadsheets and paper-based processes with our comprehensive solutions will help to reduce your risk.

Manufacturing keeping people connected

Keep your people connected

Our solutions are mobile friendly so your employees can access their information easily when they finish their shift. Without regular access to a computer, they’re more reliant on HR to provide payslips, check holiday allowance and manage training.

Our solutions allow your workers to control their own information, receive company news, view payslips, book holidays and check training dates straight from their mobile. With check-ins, your employees can maintain regular communication with their managers to keep track of progress, wellbeing and development which can be recorded and viewed in their own time.