MHR HR software for schools, colleges and multi academy trust.


Supporting you to improve your
compliance, security and recruitment

HR and payroll support for schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts 

With all of your focus on giving students the best possible education, you simply don’t have the time or money to waste on outdated, time-consuming and manual HR and payroll systems.

As compliance and data protection rules get more complex, and teaching talent harder to find, a flexible and highly configurable HR and payroll platform can help your school, college or academy improve your data security and your recruitment processes – so you can keep your focus on your educational objectives.

We can help you with:

  • Reducing your administrative burden and streamlining processes
  • Improving efficiencies and accuracy for payroll and pension processing across complex pay scales and scheme requirements
  • Ensuring you’re always in line with compliance and data protection legislation
iTrent education

Create efficiencies

We understand schools and colleges are being asked to do more with less. We already support over 300 education customers, providing reliable HR and payroll services for 75,000 college employees. Let us help you with:

Accurate and reliable payroll

Our automated payroll solutions improve pay accuracy, reduce the risk of missed pay dates and ensures everyone, including hourly or term time employees, are paid accurately and on time

Stay compliant and secure

iTrent’s comprehensive HR and payroll software is frequently updated in line with all legislation backed up by our state-of-the-art security processes to protect your data

Pensions made easy

We can take care of the complexity of ever-changing Teacher’s Pension schemes. Our specialised pension solutions simplify the process to reduce the time, stress and admin for your teams

Attract and retain the best talent

Streamline your recruitment and onboarding to create the best candidate experience: ask screening questions and record employment checks in one place to reduce data entry  

Training and development

Deliver structured and targeted training wherever it’s needed by matching role requirements with specific employee profiles to get the right people in the right roles at the right time

Automate tasks to reduce admin

Manage sickness, timesheets and expenses either centrally or via mobile self-service, removing the need for paper and saving time by automating the authorisation process

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Centralise your employee data

Within schools or academy trusts, employees perform different roles and positions, often in different local authority areas with varied conditions and pension arrangements.

Our cloud-hosted HR and payroll system enables you to store all your employee records and documents, including contracts and checks in one central, secure location. This makes it easier to stay on top of compliance and data protection rules as well as reducing admin for HR and payroll teams by avoiding repetitive data entry. We also support school workforce census coverage at school level, school workforce level and local authority level.


Payroll to suit your workforce

We understand that schools and colleges need to support a multi-role workforce, with complex pay scales and pension schemes for hourly, weekly, monthly and term time pay cycles.

iTrent’s comprehensive payroll software, integrated with a suite of HR solutions in a single system, enables your school, college or trust to manage everything in one central place.

Automating every aspect of your payroll calculations reduces manual processing and human error to ensure that everyone is paid accurately and on time regardless of their roles and working patterns.

Payroll Pensions Support

Flexible HR to support schools

You choose the HR solutions you need to support your workforce. Whether you need to improve your recruitment and retention due to teacher shortages or reduce the number of queries your HR team receive, our scalable solutions can help you.

Avoid spending hours on time-consuming admin and find cost efficiencies to focus on what counts. Our HR and payroll platform iTrent features employee self-service, allowing your people to update their records, access payslips, request holidays or even clock-in when they’re spread out across multiple sites.